Building Blocks Afterschool Program


Our afterschool and summer programs empower students to realize their full potential as learners and citizens through daily on-site programming led by highly qualified teachers and volunteers who work with students on homework, literacy, and creative projects. 

Impact on children: 

  • Positive Relationships & Environments: Instructors and volunteers create an encouraging environment where children feel safe, included, and eager to learn.
  • Improved School Performance: Students are more actively engaged in learning and motivated to do well in school. They learn critical skills for school success, including study habits and setting personal goals for learning and behavior.
  • Preventing Academic Setbacks: By extending learning beyond the school day and throughout the summer, we help students stay on track with their peers while preventing risky behaviors that are more likely to occur when children are unsupervised. 

Programming is provided on-site for residents of partnering shelters and transitional housing facilities. All school-aged residents in grades K-8 are eligible to participate at no cost.

HCEF Afterschool Instructors develop a customized learning plan for each student to set personal goals and monitor progress throughout the program, with ongoing support by a consulting reading specialist.  Volunteers provide valuable one-on-one tutoring and engage students in games and fun activities.

HCEF currently partners with 5 homeless housing agencies in Allegheny County to offer afterschool and summer programs.

Program Outcomes

  • 175 students in grades K-7 participated in afterschool and summer programming
  • The average student spent 13 hours per month in the program during the school year
  • 89% of regularly participating students set personal goals with the help of an instructor

What parents & partners say:

“My daughter has improved. She does things in a timely manner now. It’s easier for her to complete quiet tasks on time.”   – Parent

“My son is very confident. He listens more and he communicates more often.” – Parent

“I have noticed more and more children wanting to read more…the children are receiving better grades – it’s great to see!”  – Homeless provider

“The instructor and volunteers helped make the children more productive with their homework and also taught them how to interact with strangers and to develop relationships.” – Homeless provider

For more information, contact HCEF’s Afterschool and Enrichment Director.

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