Conscious Caring Curriculum


The Conscious Caring Curriculum, launched in 2012, is a program that nurtures empathy and enlightens stably-housed children about the issue of homelessness through discussions focused on literature, writing, and art.  HCEF’s afterschool instructor Kaitlyn Harris and its Interfaith Cabinet of Congregations designed this curriculum to gently teach children about homelessness and its effects on children, youth, and families.

The curriculum outlines activities that to help children understand what it might be like to experience homelessness, with the hope of fostering compassion within them and a desire to positively impact their communities. The curriculum includes copy-ready handouts, Voyage to Shelter Cove by Ralph da Costa Nunez, an accompanying book with suggested activities, and the DVD Home at Last.

The curriculum was piloted with great success at Sewickley Academy in the spring of 2012. During the pilot, HCEF staff prepared high school students to introduce the curriculum to elementary school students. With its adaptability, the curriculum was successfully used in 3rd and 5th grade classrooms in various schools, churches, and congregations among approximately 550 school children in the Pittsburgh area.

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