Hope Through Creativity

Hope Through Creativity

On April 29, a group of 10 HCEF high school ambassadors and performers hosted the annual Hope Through Creativity performance at the Union Project in Highland Park.

Hope Through Creativity is led by the High School Ambassadors of HCEF. Hope Through Creativity is part of the movement toward educational justice for homeless children in Pittsburgh. The primary goal is to raise awareness about homelessness in Pittsburgh through a universal force for change: art.

Each year, the event features visual and performing arts displays from high school students all around Pittsburgh that use art to express the need for educational opportunities in the homeless community and emphasize the power of education.

The HCEF Ambassadors are Allegheny County high school students who have a passion for service and concern for children and youth experiencing homelessness, have good communication, leadership, and organizational skills (or want to work on these things), and who commit to regular monthly meetings and various volunteer projects.

Know a high school student looking to get more involved in their community? Contact Susy Robison, Director of Volunteering and Outreach at srobison@homelessfund.org for more information on how they can join our dedicated team of High School Ambassadors and change the lives of children and youth experiencing homelessness in Pittsburgh.

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